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Left Chest / Cap


Left Chest/Caps logo are of a size up to 15 cm, regardless of the number of stitches.


Jacket Backs

Jacket Back logo are embroidery designs from a size of 15 cm, regardless of the number of stitches.


Simple Vector Art

Designs such as names or logos are simple vector graphics.


Complex Vector Art

Designs such as illustrations, are complex vector graphics.


Edits:(Most edits are FREE); $10.00 for file–change–edits such as name drops,addition,cap edits, size alteration greater than 20%)
Quotes Free of charge within 24 hours (the actual stitch count on a finished design may vary by up to 20%).)
Money Back Guarantee: If you are not happy with any of our designs even after editing, we will be happy to credit the invoice.
Payment: We will invoice you at the end of each month. Terms are strictly net 15 days. Late payment may result in a penalty of $12.00 per design on new jobs/orders. Orders may also be delayed until payment is made. Your co–operation in making prompt payment is appreciated as it helps to keep our cost down.
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